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Happily Ever After

Rosie's has adopted hundreds of dogs to loving families over the last few years!

If you do not see your Rosie dog here or in the albums, please e-mail a picture with your dogs name and when he/she was adopted to the webmaster

Pixie was adopted / Pixie a été adoptée (Adopted March, 7 2017 )

Tessa was adopted / Tessa a été adoptée (Adopted March, 7 2017 )

Laika was adopted! / Laika a été adopté (Adopted March, 7 2017 )

christine was adopted! / christine a été adopté (Adopted March, 2 2017 )

Sunshine was adopted! / Sunshine a été adopté (Adopted March, 2 2017 )

Champ was adopted! / Champ a été adopté (Adopted February, 28 2017 )

Peaches was adopted! / Peaches a été adopté (Adopted February, 19 2017 )

cooper was adopted! / cooper a été adopté (Adopted February, 16 2017 )

chico was adopted! / chico a été adopté (Adopted February, 16 2017 )

charlie was adopted! / charlie a été adopté (Adopted February, 16 2017 )

Rosie’s Survivors Fund


Mabel is wonderful Northern dog. Mabel is photographed with Dr Anita Cuisinier after spaying Mabel and sadly amputating her tail. We had been warned that Mabel could have a problem with her tail. There was a trauma to the nerve. Mabel is now recuperating in a foster home! Donations are used every day towards surgeries like the one performed on Mabel!

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