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of any pet in need.

Our philosophy is to protect and ensure the survival of adoptable dogs. We are dedicated to finding responsible and loving homes for misplaced, neglected and unwanted dogs. Our goal is to educate the public and pet lovers on responsible pet guardianship, which includes... Read more

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What's New at Rosie Animal Adoption?

Maggy aka Foxy

Posted August 27, 2016

Well hello Rosie Family!!

It’s been a while…thought I’d give you a couple of laughs. We’ve been cherishing every second with our beautiful Maggy (otherwise known as your Foxy).… » Read more

Mylo says hello!

Posted July 13, 2016

he was a Nortern dog! Another dog who would not have a chance unless RESCUE existed!

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Dr. Nosotti and Chloe

Posted July 13, 2016

What does Dr. Nosotti do in her spare time?
Train her new Rosie dog Chloe!!!
Watch her ring a bell

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In memory of Gary, animal lover

Posted July 11, 2016

Alison, her boys and the animal world lost a great person yesterday. Gary was truly a big animal lover. Alison and Gary adopted Bronson from Rosie. They then gave… » Read more

Happy Canada day from Elijah and Lilah

Posted July 1, 2016

Happy Canada day from Elijah and Lilah

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Maya’s sotry

Posted June 29, 2016

This month we are celebrating Maya’s anniversary with our family. She was a mill dog with so many issues I would not know where to begin. Maya was very… » Read more