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Dogs for Adoption

Rosie Animal Adoption finds homes for dogs through our Foster Care and Adoption Care programs. Medical care, spaying and neutering and basic necessities such as cage and dog food are provided to the foster family by Rosie Animal Adoption. Shelter, kindness and compassion are provided by dedicated foster families.

Buddy is Available for Adoption

Buddy is a 10 years old Male Terrier-x

This charming little dog was given up by a family who had a change in their situation. He had been given up originally on facebook. He is an adorable Rosie... Continue Reading

Lola is Available for Adoption

Lola is a 8-1/2 year old Female Golden mix

Lola is a lovely Golden mix who was surrendered to us due to a divorce. She arrived terribly skinny. Because of her weight we have done blood tests. We... Continue Reading

Millie is Available for Adoption

Millie is a 2 years old Female Husky-small breed mix

Millie is a Northern dog who arrived with Rosie with severe Demodex. She is presently being treated but is vaccinated. Millie is an active funny little dog.... Continue Reading

Rouki is Reserved

Rouki is a 8 months old Male Min-Pin-Pug-x

Hi my name is Rouki, or Rookie, I answer to both pronunciations, but most of all, I answer to people! I love people and other dogs. I am a Miniature... Continue Reading

Charlot is Reserved

Charlot is a 8-1/2 years old Male Pekinese-Cocker mix

Hi. My name is Charlot (aka Charlie), a Cocker Spaniel/Pekinese mix. I had a good life with my sister Charlotte for a long time but our dear guardian is... Continue Reading

Charlotte is Available for Adoption

Charlotte is a 8 years old Female Pekingese-x

Charlotte is a very sweet and affectionate dog! She has lost her long-time home and guardian because of illness, but now is adjusting well to her foster... Continue Reading

Freya is Available for Adoption

Freya is a 10 months old Female Schnauzer-Pug-x

Freya is a very bright and engaging pup. She is interested in everything and everyone! Loves affection but is also content to lie down on her bed and snooze... Continue Reading

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