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Dogs for Adoption

Rosie Animal Adoption finds homes for dogs through our Foster Care and Adoption Care programs. Medical care, spaying and neutering and basic necessities such as cage and dog food are provided to the foster family by Rosie Animal Adoption. Shelter, kindness and compassion are provided by dedicated foster families.

Whiskey is Reserved

Whiskey is a 2 years old Male chocolate lab mix

Hi. My name is Whiskey and I am another one of Rosie's Northern gems! I am a little over one year old and a rock solid 68 lbs. I look to be almost entirely... Continue Reading

Boomer is Available for Adoption

Boomer is a 3 years old Male Pekingese mix

Hi my name is Boomer. I am a special needs dog because I am a blind. But I am very handi-capable, not handicapped! I quickly learned my way around my foster... Continue Reading

Louise is Available for Adoption

Louise is a 5 - 6 months Female Terrier mix

Louise (AKA Lola) is curious, adventurous and loves to play and run. She's high energy but is easily redirected. She's independent but also loves cuddles and... Continue Reading

Dolce is Available for Adoption

Dolce is a 7 years old - date of birth May 10 2010 Female Poodle

My breeding days are over, I arrived at Rosie’s from a commercial breeder. My 2 buddies Pistache and Clemence found their forever homes now it’s my... Continue Reading

Pistache is Reserved

Pistache is a 7 or 8 years old - born in 2009 Female Harlequin Dachshunds

Beautiful and elegant Pistache is coming from a commercial breeder and wants to find her forever family to give her a happy and loving retirement. More to... Continue Reading

Gwen is Reserved

Gwen is a 8 years old Female Yorkshire terrier

More information to fallow

Rosie is Available for Adoption

Rosie is a 8 years old Female Terrier mix

As part of Rosie s normal protocol, we snap test all the dogs for Heartworm, Lyme etc....Rosie has tested positive for Lyme. Our vets have determined Rosie... Continue Reading

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Rosies’s 15 year

15 years. Wow!
We must celebrate that!
Come celebrate with us, bring your dog (s) Saturday, April 29th from 1:30 to 3:30 pm.

All dogs are welcome as long as they are social, sterilized and leashed at all…
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