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Dogs for Adoption

Rosie Animal Adoption finds homes for dogs through our Foster Care and Adoption Care programs. Medical care, spaying and neutering and basic necessities such as cage and dog food are provided to the foster family by Rosie Animal Adoption. Shelter, kindness and compassion are provided by dedicated foster families.

Champ is Reserved

Champ is a 6 weeks old - date of birth Dec 4 2016 Male Schnauzer x

We are no longer accepting applications
No phone calls will be returned or emails answered regarding the 4 Schnauzer mix puppies. Pls fill put applications... Continue Reading

Laika is Available for Adoption

Laika is a 9 months old Female Collie-Labrador-x

Laika could be called "Pretty Lady" as she is stunning. Laika is a beautiful 9 month old Collie-Labrador-x who was given up because there was a change in... Continue Reading

Tessa is Reserved

Tessa is a 6 year old- Date of birth May 15, 2010 Female Maltese mix

Tessa is a Maltese mix who is from a commercial Breeding Facility. At the moment she only knows fear. She is not aggressive. Housebreaking is going to be... Continue Reading

Pixie is Reserved

Pixie is a 5 year old - Date of birth April 3, 2011 Female Havanese-x

Pixie is from a Commercial Breeding Facility. more to follow on her

Boomer is Available for Adoption

Boomer is a 3 years old Male Pekingese mix

Hi my name is Boomer. I am a special needs dog because I am a blind. But I am very handi-capable, not handicapped! I quickly learned my way around my foster... Continue Reading

Sunshine is Reserved

Sunshine is a 6 months old Female Yellow lab mix

Sunshine is a beautiful Northern puppy. Sunshine came to Montreal to find a loving home. She is well socialised with humans ans dogs. She has to be taught... Continue Reading

Spike is Reserved

Spike is a 2 3/4 years old - Date of birth April 16, 2015 Male MinPin-Pug mix

My name is Spike! I'm an almost 2 yr. old min pin x pug mix, and the handsomest thing ever! Unfortunately, I come from a home where I became afraid of men,... Continue Reading

Twiggy is Reserved

Twiggy is a 5 months old Female Terrier mix

we are no longer accepting applications for this puppy
As you can clearly see, Twiggy is one adorable puppy. She seems to be adjusting pretty well to her... Continue Reading

Louise is Reserved

Louise is a 5 - 6 months Female Terrier mix

we are no longer accepting applications for this puppy
About Louise: she the outgoing little dog. She's curious, adventurous, loves to play and run. She's... Continue Reading

Christine is Reserved

Christine is a 5 - 6 months old Female Terrier mix

we are no longer accepting applications for this puppy
Christine is a little on the shy one. Also curious and adventurous, she comes to humans for comfort... Continue Reading

Daisy is Reserved

Daisy is a 8-9 years old Female Yorkie

Daisy was surrendered to Rosie by a puppy producer. Could no longer breed her. She required extensive dentistry and as well as a spay. Most of the dogs who... Continue Reading

Lisa is Reserved

Lisa is a 8 years old Female yorkie

Now I finally have a chance to become a cherished pet in a loving family. Since Rosie took me in my life has changed already. I am the Mom of the yorkie pups... Continue Reading

Rosie’s Survivors Fund

Help Jasmine Heal

Help Jasmine Heal!!! Jasmine the Shepherd mix was found alone and injured. She had probably been hit by a car. But, it wasn't a recent injury...... she had been roaming the country side for quite a while in pain. Jasmine is all of 4 months. Jasmine was brought to animal shelter where she was treated for pain and xrayed. After the 3 day holding time, she was released to Rosie Animal Adoption. Our fist thought was: Jasmine deserves four feet to walk on but after an attempt at DMV, Dorval to surgically fix her leg, her injuries were too serious - her leg needed to be amputated..... She had not been using the back leg already so it wasn't hard for her to learn to walk on 3 legs. She is on cage for the next 2 weeks and then will be available for foster to adopt. We offer foster to adopt when a dog is not spayed or neutered. Once the dog is spayed or neutered, we fill out an adoption agreement. Jasmine has received her first vaccine and has been dewormed. All in all she is a true sweetheart! We know many supporters have already sent us donations but if you feel you can help us with Jasmine's medical bill, pls consider donating to Rosie in Jasmine's name.

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