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This contact form is for general questions or important messages only. If you would like to adopt a dog, you MUST go through our adoption form.We won't reply to emails asking to call or notify if we receive a certain type of dog unless you have filled out the adoption form. Thank you.

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Please note that Rosie Animal Adoption is run solely by volunteers...therefore please be patient while waiting for a response. Thank you

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A 6 years old Female Apricot poodle

Eleanor is another very lucky dog who was rescued from South Korea Dog Meat Farm by Humane Society International and brought to Canada. Eleanor is another dog who was…
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A 7 years old - Date of birth 2012-03-30 Female Havenese-Bichon mix

I spent my life having puppies at a commercial breeding facility. Now that those days are behind me, I’m learning to adapt to living in a home. You see,…
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Rosie Animal Adoption
3551 Boul. St. Charles,
Suite 440
Kirkland, Quebec, Canada
H9H 3C4
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Rosie’s Survivors Fund

Biscuit the french bulldog

This little girl who is only a baby being 3-1/2 months arrived at a Vet clinic fighting for her life. She was in extreme pain but she so wanted to live. Biscuit endured severe trauma. We didn't think she had a big chance to make it. She had several serious injuries on her neck and her humerus was broken. Surgery was required on her neck where she had a large abscess on his trachea and surgery on her leg to install pins and plates. Biscuit is a real survivor! She showed how much she really wanted to live. We do not know exactly what happened to her - details are not clear. When the call came in to help her - we agreed to take her on at Rosie. Biscuit deserved a chance and Rosie gave it to her. Several vets were involved in saving her life! They didn't give up on her either! It truly took a village to save her. Her medical bills are high. Pls consider helping with Biscuit medical bills. Her injuries are very graphic so we are not posting them.

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Paint Your Pet - Paint Nite Fundraiser! 🎨
July 14 • 2-5pm • Les 3 Brasseurs Pointe-Claire

Paint Your Pet is not exclusive to dogs only! You can paint your cat, bird, dog! Whichever animal of your…
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