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Happily Ever After

Rosie's has adopted hundreds of dogs to loving families over the last few years!

If you do not see your Rosie dog here or in the albums, please e-mail a picture with your dogs name and when he/she was adopted to the webmaster

Teddy was adopted / Teddy a été adopté (Adopted October, 6 2021 )

Lolita blanche was adopted / Lolita blanche a été adopt (Adopted September, 29 2021 )

Lucy was adopted / Lucy a été adopté (Adopted September, 15 2021 )

Clementine blanche was adopted / Clementine blanche a été adopt (Adopted September, 9 2021 )

Mika blanche was adopted / Mika blanche a été adopt (Adopted September, 9 2021 )

Lou blanche was adopted / Lou blanche a été adopt (Adopted September, 9 2021 )

Gretel was adopted / Gretel a été adopt (Adopted August, 25 2021 )

Brownie blanche was adopted / Brownie blanche a été adopt (Adopted August, 25 2021 )

Cookie blanche was adopted / Cookie blanche a été adopt (Adopted August, 25 2021 )

Chouchou was adopted / Chouchou a été adopté (Adopted July, 29 2021 )

Rosie’s Survivors Fund


Meet 1 yr old Northern dog Chase! Chase was surrendered by owner after receiving an injury to his eye while outside. The owner was not sure what caused the injury, as Chase is a free roaming dog. Shortly after, he began to lose hair around an open wound on his chest (possible skin condition). His owner realized that they were not able to provide Chase with the environment he needed and surrendered him to rescue to receive the care he very much needed. Chase is presently at Pierrefonds Animal Hospital. We may not be able to save his eye and he is presently on antibiotics for injury as well as being treated for Demodex. He must stay at Pierrefonds Animal Hospital till he can be vaccinated.

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