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Happily Ever After

Rosie's has adopted hundreds of dogs to loving families over the last few years!

If you do not see your Rosie dog here or in the albums, please e-mail a picture with your dogs name and when he/she was adopted to the webmaster

Bahia was adopted / Bahia a été adopté (Adopted October, 13 2019 )

Happy was adopted / Happy a été adopté (Adopted October, 7 2019 )

Nelly was adopted / Nelly a été adopté (Adopted October, 7 2019 )

Pizza was adopted / Pizza a été adopté (Adopted October, 7 2019 )

Bobbie was adopted / Bobbie a été adopté (Adopted October, 7 2019 )

Harper was adopted / Harper a été adopté (Adopted September, 14 2019 )

Roze was adopted / Roze a été adopté (Adopted September, 14 2019 )

Theo was adopted / Theo été adopté (Adopted September, 14 2019 )

Syndai was adopted / Syndai a été adopté (Adopted September, 14 2019 )

Harley was adopted / Harley a été adopté (Adopted September, 14 2019 )

Rosie’s Survivors Fund


Clyde was flown down from a northern community late Thursday night, our volunteers waited for the flight and drove him directly to Pierrefonds Animal Hospital. Clyde was in extreme pain when he arrived at Pierrefonds Animal Hospital. Medical attention was required immediately.

Clyde is a sweet 5 month old puppy with a fractured tibia.

Within 1 hour Clyde was: examined, given pain medication, x-rayed multiple times, leg thoroughly wrapped and settled in on soft blankets for the night.

Big shoutout to Pierrefonds Animal Hospital staff: Dr. Kasuto, Technicians: Veronica, Marie-Claude and Kaley for giving Clyde elite care!

A big thank you to Dr. Gatineau at DMV for doing Clyde’s surgery the next day!

Rosie Animal Adoption is well known for providing our dogs with immediate first class medical care. We cannot provide this without your donations. Clyde needs your help! Please consider making a donation either by Facebook, our website listed below or by cheque.

Clyde thanks you for your love and support! Everyone who has met Clyde, has fallen in love with this amazing puppy.

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Come to our open house Monday, October 21st, 2019 from 9am to 5pm
Nail Clipping - $10. comptant - cash
Proceeds going to Rosie!!!!

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