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A Rescue’s tail

To watch A Rescue's tail
All Dogs featured are actual Rosie rescued dogs with their new guardians. Some were puppy mill dogs, some lived outside in the snow their whole lives, others were severely neglected others were high medical costs that had no where else to go. To support Rosie Animal Adoption a 100% volunteer-based and 100% donation based rescue, help them rescue more dogs and change more lives:

A Rescue's tail Producer: Janis Lundman
Director: Victoria Sanchez-Mandryk
Concept and Script: Fede Sanchez Editor: Simon Webb
Camera operators: Fede Sanchez, Melissa Galianos and Ryan Stick
Data wrangler: Ryan Stick Supervisor and Marketing: Zina Hussein
Music supervision by ARPIX Media Music: “Rock And Gravel” by Syd Valentine’s Patent Leather Kids by Peter Chapman
Special Thanks : Premium Sound Damian Sanchez-Rooker Starring: (in order of appearance) Ferris Daisy Squirrel Riley Corky Ricky Willa Lynx and Chloe Kate and Sky

In other Adoption News


Posted November 9, 2018

Here’s a pic of Echo in England watching my future stepson at his rugby match. Adopting Echo was one of the best things I ever did. He makes me so happy... Continue Reading

Calendar 2019 is ready

Posted September 7, 2018

Our beautiful 2019 calendars have arrived and can be purchased at:
Adorable Animal, 14033 Gouin West, Pierrefonds, Qc
Doggy Day Care, 1250 chemin Heron,... Continue Reading

The Story Changed

Posted May 10, 2018

ll Dogs Featured before and after are actual Rosie rescued dogs. To support Rosie Animal Adoption a 100% volunteer-based and 100% donation based rescue,... Continue Reading

Service Vet Mobile Dr C. Nosotti Inc.

Posted April 16, 2018

Saturday, April 14th, in honor of Rosie’s Sweet 16 Anniversary, Service vétérinaire mobile Dr C. Nosotti Inc. pledged to donate $1 to Rosie Animal... Continue Reading

popped in to say hello

Posted February 8, 2018

I adopted Roxy June 14th. 2016 and want to share with you the progress this lovely girl has made.

I just love her...



Posted December 31, 2017

This is Sadie. She and her sister were rescued by Rosie's at only a few weeks old after they had been abandoned in the middle of winter outside on a road... Continue Reading


Posted December 27, 2017

Enzo and I wish you a happy holiday season.

Luis aka Tony

Posted December 27, 2017

Merry Christmas !

Stella update

Posted December 13, 2017


I can’t resist sending more news.

Ends up Stella is a natural st being a therapy dog. She loves greeting everyone, she is calm and quiet and... Continue Reading

Nothern dogs are the best

Posted December 8, 2017

This is Nicky, formely Rosebud. She was a Northern dog who had received trauma prior to coming to Rosie.
Hi here's some pictures of our sweet Niky she is a... Continue Reading

Rosie’s Survivors Fund


On Valentine’s day, we received a prognosis on Gerard, the 4 month Newfoundlander mix. Since Gerard arrived at Rosie he has been dribbling urine. Gerard being only 4 months old needs a chance at living a full life! After consultation with Dr Javard, DMV, it was found that Gerard has a sac like in his Urethra which fills with urine. Very uncommon, only 1 paper has been written on this condition. Our choice on Valentines day was - euthanise Gerard or fix him. We choose to give him a chance at life. On Tuesday, he will undergo surgery at DMV to repair his Urethra. We are all hoping that this surgery will be successful! But we need you in order to save Gerard! Pls consider donating to help Gerard heal on this cold Valentines day!

If Gerard could thank you personally he would! Donations are our only way to fix our dogs and allow them to live! We want Gerard to be a Rosie survivor!!