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Hi Anne,

I'm so excited, I had to write you. After 2 years, Cannelle is just now starting to play with toys! It's so great to see her take an interest in a ball or a squeaky toy whereas before she had no idea what they were for! I'm attaching a photo of Cool-as-a-cucumber-Cannelle taken recently. She's so much more relaxed. She almost never runs in circles anymore. She LOVES to play outside with my little Miniature Poodle Mylie, but for some reason, doesn't like playing with her inside as if she thought it wasn't right, even though I've never stopped any of my dogs from playing inside. She still has peeing issues. She still pees inside even though she will sometimes stand by the door and ask to be let out and even though I still congratulate her when she pees outside by petting her and telling her she's a good girl or giving her a treat. Not sure if we'll ever resolve that issue, but at least it's manageable now! When we go outside with the others, she plays and runs around, but if they go back in and she wants to stay out with me, she will follow me around like a shadow the whole time I'm out. She's come a long way and I'm happy to have been able to witness the positive changes in her.


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