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Meet little Onyx. Onyx is only 2-3 mos old. He was purchased online. Little, did they know, Onyx had been in contact with Parvo. He had never received any vaccines. Thank you to Dr K.J. Goldenberg, Royal Vet for contacting Rosie about this little guy. Unfortunately Parvo is very expensive to treat as it can go either very well and very badly. A lot of pups loose their lives. One vaccine would have helped this pup! Onyx is presently at DMV, Lachine in isolation fighting very hard to get better. He is being fed with a feeding tube, he is also on pain killer and on even more medications. DMV is a 24 hr vet. Pls consider being part of helping Onyx heal! We truly hope he will live to make someone a great pet! We know we also you for a lot of help but we cannot help dogs like Onyx without YOU!

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