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Ping Pong the dog gives compassion

MONTREAL – Ping Pong the dog’s life was turned upside-down on July 1 when his family of seven years moved and couldn’t take him with them. Related

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The cute little dog was turned over to the Rosie’s Animal Adoption in the West Island.

“He’s a very special dog,” said Ann Dubé, with Rosie’s.
“There’s not too many dogs like Ping Pong.”
When a patient asked the West Island Palliative Care Residence for a dog to cuddle in her final days, Taylor said she knew Ping Pong would be the perfect furry companion to have by her side.
“Patients ask for him, the families ask for him,” said Leslie Mitchell, Assistant Head Nurse at the residence.
“It’s wonderful.”

The therapeutic effects of having a cuddly dog around makes such a difference for the patients.
Though he’s only been there for a month, workers said they’re already seeing a difference.
“They love him. I think he’s just so calm,” said Maeve Blake, a social worker.
“He’s a living, breathing teddy bear.”

Ping Pong works all day to offer up love and cuddles, and then goes home at night with Blake and her family.
Although he had no formal training, this cutie seems to have found his calling – giving some much needed attention to those who need it most.

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