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News of Kane

addition to saying ‘thanks’, I just wanted to let you know that you all are doing a phenomenal job in the name of Rosie’s Animal Adoption. Your commitment and passion to those with no voice is truly admirable and your fostering program is wonderful. After a year of considering a friend for Mika, our soon to be 5 year-old Bernese, we found Kane on your site and just one look at his photo convinced us to go ahead and pursue adoption. The whole process for Kane was smooth and fast… from completing the online form to having Kane in the house it took 10 days. I can only presume that each adoption with Rosie’s is as efficient. I also like the concept of meeting the dog on neutral territory and the setting, Pierrefonds Animal Hospital, was perfect. The facilities are so fresh and clean that Mika was not at all traumatized by the surroundings. And I don’t know whose idea it is to have the dog brought to your home but this is genius. All and all, adopting through Rosie’s Animal Adoption was a tremendously pleasant experience and I would highly recommend Rosie’s. It is very reassuring to know that both the dog and the potential new owner are very well treated and given sincere consideration and attention. I spoke with Barbara last week when she called to follow up on us and Kane and gave her the latest update. Kane has now passed the one week anniversary and is (still) an amazing pup. Mika is getting used to the fact that Kane is here to stay and they are interacting well together. At first, Mika didn’t seem to appreciate the newcomer but now she seems to be taking full advantage of Kane’s presence. Kane loves to play and loves to please every chance he gets. He has daily lessons and is learning quickly… he gets high marks on his tests! It didn’t take Kane long to figure out that he gets a treat every time when he comes back in after doing his business outside so accidents in the house are rare, almost non-existent. He has his chew toys and an odd slipper that he’s allowed to play with and he keeps to those… no sign of his chewing anything he’s not supposed to be chewing, at least not yet. He now knows that the kitchen table and counter are off limits, at least when we’re cooking and looking (!!) and he doesn’t bark every time he sees another dog. In the beginning, Kane wouldn’t get any treats until he was sitting and now he just walks up to you and sits without being asked as if to say, “look, I’m sitting now… can I get a treat?” He’s a bit more patient now and will wait for the release. Now we give him a treat as opposed to him grabbing it. Kane had a follow-up visit to Pierrefonds Hospital to remove stitches and get a booster shot and the doctor who attended to him told us that she wanted to adopt Kane but with three cats and two kids under five years, it would have been too much of a challenge. Kane is quite popular at the hospital… lots of compliments from staff and clients alike. We feel like we won the animal rescue lottery with Kane… he’s such a handsome pup and quite the charmer! There’s so much to say about Kane but I think I’ve said enough for now. I don’t have an issue with your posting the above or my previous email to Linda on Facebook. I will definitely keep in touch and send photos of Kane from time to time. Here are a couple… one of Kane sleeping in his crate, literally ‘hanging out’ (!!) and another with Mika, both on their best behaviour, waiting for something good to happen in the kitchen. If you look at the second photo long enough, you can see that they’re smiling… lol! Ladies, thank you again for everything. It has truly been our pleasure to have come in contact with you both and Rosie’s Animal Adoption. Stay blessed and keep up the good work J. Kind regards, Donna

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Enzo and I wish you a happy holiday season.

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Merry Christmas !

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