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Maggy aka Foxy

Well hello Rosie Family!!

It’s been a while…thought I’d give you a couple of laughs. We’ve been cherishing every second with our beautiful Maggy (otherwise known as your Foxy). She’s just wonderful! You couldn’t have chosen a better dog for my family. She’s VERY funny…everyday she does something to make us love her even more. She makes herself understood VERY clearly. The burn on her back is completely healed. Her coat is sooo thick and beautiful. She goes to the spa once a month to get groomed, nails trimmed, ears, eyes and teeth cleaned, etc…It’s a tough life! Hell I don’t even get that for myself! But for her….nothing is too good and she’s so soft and happy when she comes back from the spa. Wish you could see how hilarious it is when she runs with her tiny puffy paws…and boy can she run! Because of her, I’ve taken up running to keep up with her 2-3 daily walks (really she runs!). I’ve lost 30 pounds and counting!! So much for adopting a senior dog with medium activity level LOL! We won the doggy jackpot with her!
Thank you Rosie Family! You’re the best and our family LOVES youJ
Sorry I’m bragging so much…but she’s just so deliciousJ

In other Adoption News


Posted November 9, 2017

Look at Baron (was Bailey - Pebbles pup). This chair was being donated but today he decided to claim as his own. How cute is he?

Happy birthday MYLO

Posted November 1, 2017

Happy birthday MYLO!!....2 years old!....big boy!

Thank you Colleen Healy

Posted October 29, 2017

Rosie Animal Adoption would like to thank Colleen Healy of AVENTIX for the donation of shampoo's for the dogs that come into rescue. Recently we had a batch... Continue Reading

Toby Anniversary

Posted September 15, 2017

So today Toby and I celebrate 4 years since I signed the papers with Linda at the old Pierrefonds Animal Hospital. Thank you everyone at Rosie's for all your... Continue Reading

Rosie in her new family

Posted June 5, 2017

Rosie continues to be wonderfully well adjusted to her forever home. She automatically leads us into our driveway after walks – she knows exactly where she... Continue Reading

Betsy’s Montreal Weather forecast….

Posted May 6, 2017

Betsy's Montreal Weather forecast....

Thank You so much Ilora

Posted May 5, 2017

We are always grateful for donations. We can't save the dogs without your support!. We were especially touched by ilora, who donated her birthday money to... Continue Reading

Big hello from Mylo!!

Posted May 5, 2017

Hey gang!.....i hope everybody is doing good!!......little new from Mylo.....we ran a DNA test and surprise,surprise!!....he is 60% LAB+40%... Continue Reading

Tail Swag Raffle Prize

Posted May 3, 2017

It's ALL for you T-Bone! You won the Tail Swag Treats Raffle Prize!!!


Posted May 3, 2017

This is Bella a Pyr! She was adopted when she was a puppy as Chrissy! She is sprouting out!!!!

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