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Skye (formerly Iris)

Posted December 11, 2010

Everything is going well!

Corona before and after

Posted December 11, 2010

Corona was named after a dog that a few volunteers knew (before Rosie was started) and could not save. This Corona was saved! Corona was a part of a badly... Continue Reading

A successful Bake Sale!

Posted December 11, 2010

A bake sale was held by Emma, Jordan , Samantha, Gabrielle to help the Rosie Animal Adoption dogs. The bake sale was very successful - over $250.00 was... Continue Reading

Zoe from James Bay

Posted December 11, 2010

Remember Zoe who arrived from James Bay full of corcupine needle and who also had au unstable joint? All that was taken care by Ortho Design. If ever you... Continue Reading

Rosie’s Holiday Cards now available

Posted December 10, 2010

Rosie Holiday cards are now available. They can be purchased at Adoption Clinics, Hudson Pet Fair on Dec. 4th or at Yazoo, 125 Donegani, Pointe Claire. For... Continue Reading

Another Rosie Success Story!

Posted December 8, 2010

I thought I'd just give you a quick update. Maggie (Mary - adopted in August) is doing very well. She has become more affectionate and playful as time has... Continue Reading

Charlie (alias Beauty) from James Bay

Posted December 1, 2010

All's going very well with Charlie - she's a great little puppy. And she's made friends with Pumpkin also a Rosie dog (now Ripley).

Jazzie - Air time !!

Posted November 21, 2010

Jazzie, once a puppy mill surfing on the beach!!

Riley makes an appearance on the…

Posted November 6, 2010


On November 4th, 2010 volunteers from Rosie Animal Adoption attended the Cesar Millan seminar at the Bell... Continue Reading


Posted November 5, 2010


Rosie Animal Adoption has lost a loving and caring volunteer. Marg Glass left this world on October 31st after a long battle with cancer. Marg was a... Continue Reading

Rosie’s Survivors Fund

Little Piggy needs your help!

Meet Piggy the Chihuahua. He’s handsome, tiny and sweet and he came to Rosie’s recently with painful hip problems. His family loved him very much- so much so, that they made the sacrifice to send him to Rosie’s so that he could get the care he needs in the form of a hip operation. The caring and skilled staff at Pierrefonds Animal Hospital performed the much needed procedure on our little Piggy and it was a great success. He’s a young and otherwise healthy 14 months, so he’ll bounce back and be up and around after the all-important recovery period. As you know, the Rosie’s adoption fee helps us cover the standard medical care for most dogs we find families for, but we simply cannot turn away these extraordinary and touching cases of young dogs, with great potential ahead of them, who just need our help to be fully mobile and healthy and get that chance for a great life. Time will tell if Piggy needs a similar surgery on the other hip, but that too, Rosie’s is committed to providing for him. We need the extra donations of you supporters to make happy-ending stories like this possible. If you feel you can make a donation to help Piggy, and other special Rosie dogs, please consider sending a cheque or making a donation by Paypal. Our mailing address is: Rosie Animal Adoption, 3551 St-Charles, Suite 440, Kirkland, Quebec H9H 3C4 – Piggy is one of many dogs we provide extraordinary measures to. He’ll go on to live a full, active life, pain free and happy with a loving family, thanks to your donations.

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