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Happily Ever After

Rosie's has adopted hundreds of dogs to loving families over the last few years!

If you do not see your Rosie dog here or in the albums, please e-mail a picture with your dogs name and when he/she was adopted to the webmaster

Princess Kat was adopted! (Adopted December, 3 2014 )

Joy a été adoptée! / Joy was adopted! (Adopted December, 2 2014 )

Gizmo a été adopté! / Gizmo was adopted! (Adopted December, 1 2014 )

Gunther a été adopté! / Gunther was adopted! (Adopted November, 30 2014 )

Chip a été adopté! / Chip was adopted! (Adopted November, 25 2014 )

Sky a été adoptée! / Sky was adopted! (Adopted November, 20 2014 )

Sadie a été adoptée! / Sadie was adopted! (Adopted November, 17 2014 )

Rusty a été adopté! / Rusty was adopted! (Adopted November, 17 2014 )

Dudley a été adopté! / Dudley was adopted! (Adopted November, 13 2014 )

Whitney a été adoptée! / Whitney was adopted! (Adopted November, 12 2014 )

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